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Channelling Mediations for Healing

Born with a psychic gift, channeling came pretty early to Shivangi. Today, she channels healing meditations and messages from divine beings of light of different dimensions to help souls heal and awaken. Her inner work has impacted 500+ souls and she extensively works on the divine feminine, divine masculine, karmic wounds, and inner child healing. She works closely with Cosmic Mother, Ascended masters, ETs and Archangels. Her purpose is to help humans heal, raise the collective consciousness & and bring the New Earth.

Work with me

Book you first consultation to awaken yourself 


Soul Scan: Book a personal consultation

A complete awareness of your soul

A Soul scan is a complete energy scan of all your trapped emotions, energy blockages, root causes of the challenges you may have faced, soul guidance, and purpose.

Experience Free Healing

If you are a first-timer and completely new to healing. Try our free healings through recorded workshops and channeled meditations. 

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