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14 days program

Fee : INR 3333/ USD 55

Manifest like a child

What will we do?

  • 3 Energy Vortex Meditation sessions

  • Affirmations to support the child’s frequency

  • Fun Tasks to Make Manifestation Easy 

  • A self-paced program

  • Please pay and send us a screenshot at or drop a WhatsApp message on this number - +919334106960


3  MANIFESTATION session on zoon

1.  Cocoon Manifestation

2. Cosmic Womb Manifestation

3. Manifestation marraige

Channeled Affirmations

Shivangi has channelled customized and generic affirmations that you can integrate in your daily life to maintain the frequency of Manifestation.

Fun Activities

What is manifestation without some fun?

We will be evoking the ease of our inner child with many channeled practices to manifest with joy

Lifelong access

Lifetime access to all these resources to do it again when you wish.

Man with Book

Who should join?

In these 14 days, we will be working on 2 things - understanding and activating our inner sense and learning about frequency so that we can rise to the frequency of our highest potential. PLEASE KNOW that this program is not about fulfilling our egoistic desires, Manifesting this person, manifesting a job, manifesting home, etc..

Yes, it may happen that you manifest what you desire or you may manifest what divine feels is the best for you. We are not deciding what we want, we are manifesting our highest timeline/potential, whatever that may be. Remember, what you want is from your ego, what the divine wants to offer you, is from your soul. So, DO NOT JOIN if you only want what you think is right for you, our energies will not match then. If you come to me asking, "Shivangi can I manifest that one particular job, one particular person, or a bank balance.. I will say PLEASE DO NOT COME"

This program is for those who want to understand manifestation, who want to work on their inner shadows to activate their inner powers, for who want to understand their frequency and how can they raise it to always attract better. I am inviting those who are ready to work on their shadows, and inner fear and transform to be their highest self and walk with that energy in 2024.


5 Senses and 5 Frequency - The Key To Manifest


We all have 5 external senses that help us perceive this reality, similarly, we have 5 inner senses that help us to attract a desired reality. These 5 Inner Senses are - To Imagine, To Feel, To Listen, To Enjoy, and To Embody. 

Let's understand them 

To Imagine - The inner ability to see beyond the current reality, the ability to see what all can be possible, what you can see, you can believe, what you can believe, you can live.

To Feel - The inner ability to experience energy, emotions are energy and those who can work with energy can change their reality.

To Listen - The noise of this world is not allowing us to hear our inner voice, if you can hear what's inside, you will never be lost.

To Enjoy - Are you ever truly present in the NOW, or are you always thinking about the past and future? To truly be here in the now creates more such present moments.

To Embody - The inner ability to live your highest timeline by being it. We are all taught to do and never told to just be. 

Fear stops us from imagining, feeling, listening, enjoying, and embodying our highest timeline. In these 14 days, we will combat this fear to activate the inner senses.


There are 5 different kinds of frequency that we will be understanding about and we keep oscillating between them. These 5 different frequencies determine what we attract. Like a radio box, we have to tune in to the frequency of the station/reality we desire.

Here are the 5 Frequency states -

Victim Frequency - I need to be saved, I feel unsupported, I need help

Hero Frequency - I need to win because if I don't, then what is my worth, my worth comes from my achievements

Martyr Frequency - I need to save everyone because my sense of worth and validation comes from helping others and what others think about me.

Teacher Frequency - I need to change others with my wisdom because that gives me a sense of validation, People should listen to my advice even though I am stuck where I was before.

Child Frequency - I do not need help, I do not need to win, I do not need to save or prove, I just want to explore, be curious, and have fun. I am worthy in my being.

A child can imagine, feel, listen, enjoy, and embody whatever the child desires, In Bhagwat Geeta, Krishna said, this world is a child's play. 

Inspiring Stories

White Nightstand

Plan of Action
In these 14 days, you will be doing activities every day that you can easily do with your busy life. 

You will do 3 Meditation sessions in the interval of 5-6 days (Preferably)

You can also go through the Manifestation workbook and audio lesson where I have shared my personal story with manifestation

You will also choose 3-4 affirmations from the affirmation list and say them in the coming 14 days. Instructions are provided in the sheet

 You will also perform 11 tasks each day that have been provided in the task sheet, these tasks are simple and time-effective.

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