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Let your soul speak to you

An experience like never before..


A soul scan is a channeled message of everything that you need to know for your spiritual journey. Shivangi channels messages about your soul purpose, soul lessons, past life, chakras, messages from

your spirit team and so much more.

Please fill out the Google form and listen to the Voice message

by Shivangi before you fill it out.

The voice message is in the Google Form itself.

Bookings currently closed

Experiences of Soul Scan

How to Book a Soul Scan

Click on Enquire Now

You will be redirected to a Google form, please read it carefully before applying. This form will all details including price, time and all other important details required for the scan.

After you have read the form carefully, listen to the voice message given by Shivangi in the form. Please do hear it, before you move forward.

Fill the form

Please fill in all correct and complete information, especially for your contact details, otherwise, we will not be able to reach you. 

We will reach you

After you have filled out the form, we will get back to you if the energy match happens between you and Shivangi. It may take us 7-10 days to get back to you, we will reach out to you via mail. So keep an eye on your mail. We will then give you the necessary details to take this further. Please note that there are limited slots and are filled very quickly so make sure you keep an eye over your mail and do the needful as soon as you can. If you do not get a response within 7-10 days, then we are not moving forward with the scan for now.

Bookings currently closed

What will you receive

Colorful Crystal

Understanding of your chakras

Whether your chakra is balanced, overactive, or underactive, and how it impacts your work, love life, relationships, and emotions. Guided messages from the divine about the energy blockages of your chakras.

Karmic Imprints

Emotions like fear, betrayal, pain, guilt, and regret get trapped in our energy bodies. They impact each and every area of our lives, from health, relationships, money, and emotions. These come from the karmic imprints we carry. Gain an awareness about these from your team of light.

स्टोन बैलेंसिंग

Soul Lessons 

Know the journey of your soul, your past lives and what is the purpose of your soul in this life. Learn about your karmic lessons.

Channeled guidance

Receive channeled guidance for your from your angels, guides, and ancestors.

Bridge Over a Lake
घना जंगल

Awareness is the first step towards healing.

Shivangi Ranjjan

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